Merchant Services

Merchant Services, or more renowned as credit card processing is the management of electronic payment transactions for merchants. Merchant processing activities encompass acquiring sales information from the merchant, getting authorization or approval for the transaction, getting funds from the bank which issued the credit card, and transferring payment to the merchant.

We are distinct from other credit card processing firms by providing all-inclusive merchant service solutions. Either you’re just a startup and require a merchant account with a card reader device, or you’re growing swiftly and require tools to manage your operations, we are here to help.

Point Of Sale (Pos):

An electronic Point of Sale system simplifies trade operations by systematizing the transaction practice and trailing essential sales-related data. A basic POS system involves a computerized cash register and corresponding software to synchronize data collected from daily purchases. Sellers can improve features by adding up data-acquisition devices, such as credit card readers, RFID Scanners and barcode scanners.
We are providing free Setup of Point of Sale Systems so you can streamline your sales transactions such as checking pricing accurateness, stock at hand, gross revenues and sales reports with a few taps!

Credit Card Machine:

Simply known as a Credit Card Machine is a device which accepts plastic money to make electronic funds transfers. Accepting credit in lieu of Cash Transactions is thought of as a complicated process by many small businesses, NOT ANY MORE! We provide you swift, secure and steadfast credit card machines to fit all your business needs. Either you are operating from just a cash counter or facilitating customers on their premises, we make it effortless to start accommodating credit cards for sales transactions. We offer state-of-the-art technology based credit card machines, and that too ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Cash Advance:

A cash advance is a service provided by most credit card issuers, which enables cardholders to draw cash through an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). There is generally a limit to the amount of cash you can withdraw, generally a percentage of your ‘Credit Limit’. A cash advance is dissimilar from other types of lending. As opposed to repaying the loan back in installments over a period, the lender will routinely take the total lent money and fees directly out of your bank account on the agreed upon outstanding date. We provide you Cash Advance service at no extra costs!